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This company is only looking to sell kiosks and could care less about the customer after buying them! They say that they will help you place their kiosks and make sure you get into a profitable location, but once you pay them their $20000+ for a machine they no longer return your phone calls.

I have never worked with a more worthless bunch of criminals in my life. Please do your self a favor and look into a legit company before wasting money with these numskulls! I even had a location set up to place the machine and they contacted this location and offered them a better deal so I had no place to put mine. There are plenty of other dvd kiosk companies that you can get involved with for less money and I would suggest you do just that!

I mean they buy these machines for $6500 and sell them for $20000+ that right there should tell you something. They act like they are experts in the dvd kiosk business, but ask the sales person how many they personally own. NONE!!

if it was such a good money making opportunity why wouldn't they own any?? Do your research and please don't waste your money on these crooks!!!

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I bought two DVD Now 250 machines for almost 40k. I moved both machines a few times before closing the business and selling both machines for a 12k.

I gave it close to two years before calling it quits. The machines do work well but the business model is dead! Redbox locked all of the high volume stores up and you will fail in a grocery store unless it is a major market place. Between the high cost of the machine, the inventory cost each week of new releases, RFID tags, DVD case stickers, 10% to the host store, credit card expenses, customers that rent and when the return the movie they do not have enough money in there debit account to collect, customers who vandalize the disk because they do not like the content (political type movies will be subject to), and not to mention dead beat customers that will beat you up for a dollar.

Does all of this sound appealing? I still owe $10 k on a loan after a few years of closing this business. Oh, I almost forgot about the technical assistance guys from DVD Now that are rude, condescending, and speak down to you unless you are an IT person. After spending all of this money on a business that is designed to be impossible to sell due to the $1000.00 transfer fee from opener to owner (per machine) Aldo contributes to your ultimate failure.

Read between the lines....DVD now is focusing there survival on selling $20k tv monitors so you can work wedding parties.

I would have made a better investment by purchasing a $50.000.00 Mastercraft boat. At least I would have good memories with my family and something to show for my debt.

My advise.....buy a boat.....it will make good memories for you and your family and at least you will have that pis utile experience to show for your debt.



Livonia, Michigan, United States #688356

Seems like most people know your full of sh*t. I started with one DVD kiosk four years ago and now have seven.

DVDNow has been an okay company to work with. I have my complaints, but they are small in the big scheme of things. DVDNow is definitely not a scam. I have purchased one machine brand new, two demo floor models directly from DVDNow, and 4 used.

One frustrating thing is the $1000 transfer fee for a used kiosk (which they tell you about up front). God forbid a company try to make a profit around here!

What an unspeakable evil! My advice, stop crying, get out of your parents basement and do something proactive.

to Anonymous #1007999

Agree. It is a lot easier to make money if you aren't buying the kiosks new.

Also, there is a new software package out there for DVDNow 250's that will allow you to get a 66% (typical) discount on the merchant fees.

Ok, and no transfer fee. See www.focusintense.com

to Anonymous Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #1216987

Want to buy mine? I have been to and called dozens on locations and not one has agreed to place a machine.

Mine was 21k. You can have it for ten and I will tell DVDNOW to deliver the kiosk to a place of your choosing and set it up for free. Done deal!

Call F. Lovette at 501 563 4983 or email me at congophredd60@yahoo.com same deal applies to anyone who might be interested FL...

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #632003

Since when does a founder/CEO of any company care about some small fry ranting on a blog site.. smells a little fishy to me

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #632002

Mike B is on many of the blog sites as the only one supporting DVDnow. Leads me to believe that yes you do work for them lol not many people would take the time to do that unless they were paid to

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #592443

It brings me great joy to see people know this is a scam. The company is terrible and the founders are complete ***.

I hope they fall miserably. :grin


Having been one of the first owner operators, I can say confidently that this is a legitimate and good business. I bought my 110 kiosks back in 2006 and they are still running well today. The only issues I had were in the early goings with connections, but those were fixed quickly and with great attention on the side of DVDNow.

While I am sure that there are dissatisfied customers who have different success levels than what I have experienced, I echo what was said above, that like any business you get out what you put in, and that isn't simply in relation to dollars.

I found my sales person, Zamon, honest and upfront, and found that there were no "hidden costs". The support has been great and worth it. The Connections software is invaluable to running the business, and I have been very pleased over all.

Like any business investment, I recommend doing your due diligence, as each opportunity isn't for everyone in every location. I checked out many other DVD Kiosk providers and ultimately settled in with DVDNow. I have found it a worthwhile business venture, with a company I have found to be worth doing business with.

to Jeff SLC Pleasanton, California, United States #633313

110 kiosks? At almost 20 grand apiece??

I don't think so..I HIGHLY doubt it!!! That is $2,200,000...yeah RIGHT

to really..IDTS!!! Jeff SLC is f Napoleon, Ohio, United States #722120

He didn't say he bought 110 kiosks he bought 2 110 kiosks as in he bought 2 kiosks that hold 110 DVDs


This is a gigantic scam for lazy gullible people....DO NOT ..I repeat ..DO NOT INVEST in this ***...you will suffer an EPIC FAIL!! :(


Scott McInnes, SHUT THE *** UP! YOU and your "company" is nothing but a F-ing SCAM!Adam Fuhrmeister is telling the HONEST truth and you know it!

I have not seen ONE good thing about your company PLUS after doing business with your "company" yall *** me over too!!! So how about you stop crying like a little *** and accept the fact that your nothing but a piece a ***!

Have a nice day! *** :grin


Yeah its bull ***, DVDnow cost 20k, I have a friend that bought some kiosks and he found all his for about 2 or 3 granda peace here and there, and they only make $5 to $10 per day, so even at that price its still not a great investment.


Can't believe people still fall for this kind of scam. Use your head people. This kind of snake oil has been sold for a long time. It won't go away as long as there are suckers falling for scams.

Please think before you invest large amounts of money. You have no recourse once you pay up.

If you are still interested in vending machines, do some homework, find the Chinese manufacturers on Alibaba or via your network and buy them for $3500 each. Find used DVDs and maybe games. Setup near high traffic areas. Reduce the fees you pay (to anyone!) in order to minimize overhead.


To add to my comment above under "Extremely Dissatisfied Customer" - take a look on Ebay. On any given day you will find numerous DVD Now Kiosk owners trying to dump these machines for a fraction of what they paid for.


I purchased two 110 Kiosks from DVD Now in 2009 for almost $50,000.00. First of all I was misled into believing that soliciting businesses to advertise on the kiosk would be an excellent source of revenue.

Total lie. Then there were all the extra costs associated with running the kiosk that weren't mentioned. The so-called help placing the kiosks was a joke. I moved one of my kiosks FIVE TIMES trying to find a location that would even come close to making money...both lost money the whole time.

And the kicker to all of this is the outrageous transfer charge of $3,000.00 PER MACHINE if you decide to sell. I recently had someone who was willing to buy one of them for $5,000.00 and when I called DVD Now to see if we could negotiate that outrageous fee I was told that it WAS UNHEARD OF for anyone to get more than $1,500.00 for a used machine and that he could hook me up with someone who would buy it from me for that price.

I PAID $25,000.00 EACH FOR THAT P.O.S.

I finally had to close my business. I am totally disgusted with DVD Now and my best recommendation to anyone considering them would be to RUN THE OTHER WAY...as fast as possible!!!


I'm not knocking DVDnow but that is alot if startup cost to only get into a 8 billion dollar business when I'm in a 480 billion dollar business and I paid 429 dollars

to Charles Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #585612


What is the biz you got into for 429 dollars?

to Charles Memphis, Tennessee, United States #647485

Please tell me

How to get into that multi billion dollars that you are in.931-250-0259


Mike B is not an employee of the company he is now an owner of 9 DVDNOW kiosks and is more than pleased with all of them. Within 3 months of placement of the machines I had my first break even month. I was stoked!

Bottom line is this.....

Its a business, you have to run it like a business. You get out of it what you put into it.

My biggest surprise was DVD costs, which DVDNOW has no control over.

Overall I am very please with DVDNOW and would recommend them to anyone interested in supplementing their income.


Mike B

The Movie Barron

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